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FOX Business
Oct 22, 2012 3:00pm EDT
of the markets if energy is cheaper? >> well, you think that it would be boosting, you know, the obama campaign, but i don't think it's really having any impact -- impact at all. i know one of their primary goals is to get oil back down, below 95 which they did a good job with. the story with oil right now is you have excess supplies out there. the department of energy is reporting that they've got about 365 million barrels on hand. seasonally we only need about 330 right now. we've got about 10% more in inventory. the other thing is you have the keystone pipeline starting back up. that should push down gasoline prices in the midwest just a little bit. keep oil below that $90 area, but i think it will remain above about 87 1/2. that's the key technical level. liz: hold on a second. we're kind of languishing on the crude oil chart but should also be looking at nat gas which is down 4%. that i think is a significant move because some people had real hope that natural gas would start to really muscle up. >> well, nat gas is going to hinge on that forecast for the weather. i mean it really -- you s
FOX Business
Oct 26, 2012 3:00pm EDT
seen is a good first stop. liz: if romney wins, the market goes out, if obama wins again the market goes down. does anybody really know what is going to happen? to that end i get more people saying why are the market's going to do after the election? >> if anything it goes up either way. the markets hate uncertainty. market's leading up to the election about what it is, once someone is elected and it disseminates all of the world that uncertainty is removed and removing and uncertainties generally is cause for a market to go up. doesn't say the market will go up for the next six months after that. it just says the initial reaction could be a positive move because it moved on uncertainty and markets love when that happens. liz: you moved the question mark. you have some names you like whether we see a pullback, growing your money. how should you be investing, three alternative investments options, 30 minutes before the closing bell rings, is anything much bigger in texas? that seems to be the case for charlie gasparino's story. when we come back charlie joins us from dallas to say do
FOX Business
Oct 23, 2012 3:00pm EDT
up to barack obama but somehow that is the cost of the market going down. let's get a reality check. the reality is that maybe going down because it realizes there is nothing new coming out of the fed for some time. with the qe3 plus. a mortgage-backed security bond, but that is already in the market to what is new coming out of the fed? not much. we have earnings season. people expect an earnings season, i don't think most analysts or traders were strategist or market participants expecting that the sales part of the equation would be this week. only 40% of those companies so far are beating their topline let alone the bottom line so you start to look at the arithmetic, sales deflating at a time profit margins are high. he paints a bleak picture of what it will be going forward. the shift is off central banks right now, the story of the year and on the fundamentals for earnings and sales right now for the broad market. liz: united technologies, dupont, mentioning uncertainty in thhir guidance. i think any company that is uncertainty is a little bit of a copout because you go back 4
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3